TRI, Udaipur has one of the best-maintained and updated libraries with a rich collection of titles on Anthropology, Sociology and allied subjects and standard reference works. The library is particularly enriched with books related to the Indian tribes as well as tribes of Rajasthan. 
Library continues to provide information, documentation and reprographic support to the Institute's staff as well as to the research scholars of various research organisations and universities. More than thirty thousand books, reports, reprints, thesis and reports of the sponsored projects etc. are also available in the library. The library receives 105 journals by way of subscription, exchange and gratis and subscribe 27 newspapers and magazines. A huge stock of back volumes of the journals is also available for reference work. TRI library comprises of a unique collection of the central and state government's publications such as Census of India, Gazetteers, Statistical Handbooks and Abstracts. Bench Mark Survey of T.S.P. Area of Rajasthan, Economic Survey, Occasional Papers on Tribal Development Series, publications of the Institute and Reports of the Commissioner for SC & ST (Government of India), etc.
The library provides Internet services like surfing the desired educational website and the photocopy services to its users on the basis of nominal charges


The library remains open throughout the year from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. except Saturday , Sunday , and other gazetted holidays of the Government of Rajasthan. About five hundred research scholars completed their Ph.D. dissertation with the help of this library.
The updated completed dictionary catalogue has also been maintained to provide information through author, title and subjects. More than 6000 readers including scholars and researchers used the library in a year.